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Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc

Help Us Help Them!!

Ready and Waiting for a Good Home


Hello! My name is Dexter also but my new "temporary guardian" calls me D-2 as not to confuse me with the other Dexter! I was rescued by the Orange County Sheriff's Department after my owner left me in a pasture to die. In my younger days I was a beautiful show horse and did everything to make my owner proud. But unfortunately I sustained a leg injury and after my owner spent thousands of dollars to try and have my leg fixed, it was determined that I could never be the horse that my owner once enjoyed. I now have a condition what is called "frozen fetlock". I will never be able to ridden again and I am only good now as a COMPANION HORSE only. I also currently reside with my other horsey companion at Witts End. If you could provide me a wonderful home as a COMPANION horse then please call my "temporary guardian" at 407-908-5402 or you could help me just by being my sponsor, I would send you D-2 hugs!

My name is Sonata. My mommy, Beth Anne, gave birth to me at the rescue. I am a one year old Paso Fino filly. You can check out my baby pics on the Beth Anne and Sonata page! I am waiting to meet my forever family! If you can offer me a forever home, please call Cyndi at (407) 908-5402. I also am in need of a sponsor!  

Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc

(407) 908-5402